Student Engagement

Students are continuously provided opportunities to work on the funded research and engagement efforts led by faculty. Some of these are studio-based curriculum, while others have the opportunity to serve as research assistants in the College’s initiatives/labs, or to assist faculty with individual research projects.

Through our PhD in Design program, students have the opportunity to further develop a broad range of research interests that aim to improve the human condition.?Working on real-world projects and influential research efforts has garnered some of the most sought-after- applicants by job recruiters.

Hongyang Liu“The LAS-funded research projects that I am currently working on focus on investigating the report generation/consumption strategies, and associated collaboration methods used by analysts in multiple communities.The project management and implementation skills practiced in this project will for sure benefit me in my future career, which requires these skills as the core capability.” –?Hongyang Liu




Byungsoo Kim“I am a Research Assistance of Research in Ergonomics and Design Lab. My interest is usability and ergonomics in industrial design and I am currently working on Hanes project related to evaluating the comfort of the garment. I am learning research skills knowledge closely related to my interest from RA.” –?Byungsoo Kim




Travis Klondike“Working with Andy and David has provided a necessary bridge between discussions of theory and action in application. The insular silos that have traditionally defined many of the design professions have been uniquely shattered with the opportunity to work on the cross-disciplinary endeavors in the Coastal Dynamics Design Lab.” –?Travis Klondike

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