Nilda Cosco with student

Research Initiatives + Labs

High Performance Buildings

Faculty and graduate students are pursuing cutting-edge research in building technology and high-performance buildings. Primary areas of inquiry include energy optimization; daylighting; exploration of new building typologies, materials, and assemblies; and the prefabrication of architectural components.

Visual Narratives

Our work in visual narratives creates?new forms of scholarship and communication, new computational media and their application to increased understanding of our past, present and future. ?This focus area bridges?the expertise of engineers, humanists and designers to establish next-generation applications in visual media.

Health and Well-Being

Our work promotes the interdependence of human health, well-being, and the ecological health of the land by understanding the consequences of human actions. Primary areas of inquiry include children’s outdoor environments, post-occupancy evaluation of model environments, and human-centered design.

Sustainable and Resilient Communities

Faculty and graduate students organize and lead trans-disciplinary research and engagement projects to address the critical ecological and community development challenges in vulnerable communities and regions.

Virtual + Augmented Reality

The Experience Design Lab is a?cross-disciplinary community, which explores virtual and augmented experiences as a cultural practice. Collaborators take a human-centered approach, empowering artists, designers, humanists, scientists, and engineers to delve into the evolution of our society through direct engagement with technology.

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