College of Design Faculty Senate

College Faculty Senate

The College Senate is the faculty governance body of the College of Design and as such is an action-oriented body for bringing faculty concerns to the Dean and vice-versa. Its membership comprises one representative from each academic unit in the college plus one ex-officio at-large member who is the college’s representative on the University Senate. All are voting members of the college faculty.

The officers of the College Senate comprise a Chairperson and a Secretary, who each serve one-year terms and are in their second or third year on the Senate. These officers are designated by members of the College Senate following the fall elections. The Chair presides at all College of Design faculty meetings.

Members are elected by their respective academic unit for three-year terms, which are staggered and run from January to January. Elections take place each November and senators can serve consecutive terms.

A Brief History

The School of Design was founded in 1948 with Henry Kamphoefner as the founding dean. During the Kamphoefner years there were no formal faculty governance structures. It was not until the tenure of the second dean of the college, Claude McKinney, that faculty became organized. However, it was only in 1994 that the College Senate was formally established, with Susan Brandais serving as the first chair. The Constitution and By-Laws were formally established in 2000 and updated in 2018.

The following are chairs of the College Senate since its founding. Years left blank are those when the Senate was inactive.

Committee Diagram

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